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The overwhelming majority of archaeological work carried out in England and Wales arises from the requirements of the planning system.  In England this is underpinned by the National Planning Policy Framework (Dept of Communities and Local Government, 2012) and in Wales the equivilent document is Planning Policy Wales  (see links below for further information). 
AAL have a long and extensive experience of engaging with the kind of archaeological work that is usually imposed by conditions of planning. We can provide a full range of professional archaeological and heritage management, consultancy and fieldwork services which are principally designed to satisfy the requirements of planning conditions as issued by local authorities.

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Post Excavation & Other Services

Written Schemes of Investigation
Desk Based Assessments
Historic Landscape Analysis
Watching Brief
Historic Building Recording and Assessment
Small Finds Assessment
GIS and Mapping
Aerial Photography and Survey

For more information regarding planning click the following links:

National Planning Policy Framework,  England

Planning Policy Wales

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